Frequently Asked Questions In An Interview

It’s important to remember that the information contained on your resume will have a significant effect on the questions you are asked in an interview. Make sure you know your resume and prepare results-oriented stories to illustrate each of your accomplishments. Here’s a list of common interview questions you may…
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Working In Social Media Can Be Complicated. You Don’t Think So…? Look At This …

In this day and age, social media is the hub of all things new media. Social Media doesn’t just fall on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It falls into different categories. There’s Social Marketing Management, Apps, Content Curation, Analytics, Social Search, Social TV, tonnes of different means to the world of…
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Week In The Life Of A Recruiter: Anna Hart

Our senior consultant in the Digital Media team specializing in Ad Ops and Digital Sales, Miss Anna Hart, shares with you the  ’Week in the Life’ of’ herself as a recruiter here at October Recruitment. Monday  7.00am – Whilst battling with Paddington station traffic (when are they going to sort that out?)…
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Guest Post: The Millennial Teenager

Guest post by Vanessa Hastings – Senior Consultant – October Recruitment When I was younger there was no need to worry about mobile phones because no one had them and if they did they were a the size of a brick and not that appealing. These days teenagers can’t live…
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May 3, 2012 | Posted in: Digital | 2 Comments

Dannii’s Pick Of Her Favourite Ad’s Of The Year 2012 So Far

I’m on the internet a lot. It’s something that takes over my day/life more than you could imagine. My friends know it, my family do and my colleagues know I pretty much live on the internet when I’m awake and when I’m dreaming in sleep. Don’t ask me about the…
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Last Day Left To Enter Samsung’s Global Blogger Competition

Samsung, the consumer electronics brand has launched its Global Blogger programme and there is only one day left to enter! October being on the ball with the latest information spotted this as an opportunity to let our followers, candidates and clients know about it and a big heads up that this…
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