Are You A YouTube Creator?

Love YouTube? Can’t live without posting a video on your channel or being viewed by hundreds to thousands? Have you thought about where you could go next? YouTube has a new development programme called YouTube NextUp for high potential YouTube partners to accelerate their careers and grow their YouTube channels…
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August 22, 2012 | Posted in: Social Media, Video | 0 Comments

How Has The Job Search Evolved Over Time

How has applying for a job changed over the years? In the beginning did cave men use drawings on their cave walls as their resumes?  Through out the years, people around the world have used different methods to apply for different jobs from written CVs to using their smart phones…
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August 21, 2012 | Posted in: Infographics | 1 Comment

What Dannii Has Seen This Week…

It’s Friday, it’s nearly the end of the day and boy has it been a week. Not only has some great things happened in the office and finding out that October is a finalist in the Recruitment Business Awards, other news have taken centre-stage in the world of digital. Since…
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August 17, 2012 | Posted in: Infographics, October Loves, Other, Social Media | 0 Comments

Facebook’s New Product Testing Ad Plan Threatens Users Privacy

Facebook will be testing a potential new product for users news-feed. Instead of the usual news-feed updates from friends, family and pages you’ve ‘liked,’ users will also see ads that aren’t based entirely on social context but targeted to users on criteria such as age, gender, likes and interests. Facebook’s…
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August 16, 2012 | Posted in: Other, Social Media | 0 Comments

October is a Finalist at The Recruitment Business Awards 2012

October are happy to announce that we are finalists in the category of “Best Use of Social Media” at The Recruitment Business Awards 2012. What are the Recruitment Business Awards? The Recruitment Business Awards have launched and they aim to reward creative recruitment advertising and recruitment business. The RBAs have been…
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Interesting Facts of the Day


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How To Prepare For An Interview

You nailed the CV. The cover letter was top of the pops but the next step is the interview. Nerves are on the horizon; everyone is mentioning ‘First impressions always count’ so how the heck do you prepare for the interview? The first impressions you make on a potential employer…
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August 8, 2012 | Posted in: Career Advice, Job Interviews | 0 Comments

Will a recruiter’s fee affect my salary?

The amount of times, I’ve heard this urban legend, is more times that I can count on hands and feet. I get asked a lot by candidates that they won’t work with a recruiter purely on the basis their salary will be affected by the recruitment fee paid out by…
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August 6, 2012 | Posted in: Career Advice, Everything October | 0 Comments

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