Massive Monday? Don’t let it be – bag a year’s gym membership.

Happy New Year to all our lovely Octoberettes! We hope you had a wonderful break and are ready to smash this week back at work….. Or maybe not? Do you have work fear? Did you over-indulge a little too much? Do you feel like 2014 is time for change? If…
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It’s all in the name: October

Lucy Simpson, MD & Founder of October answer’s that million dollar question: Why October? If I invested £1 every time somebody asked me why we are called October, I’d be a millionaire.  It’s an on-going debate with candidates and clients all making various guesses as to why I decided to…
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October win another MARA in 2013

October scores a hat-trick by winning a 3rd year in a row with Best Social Media Strategy for 2013. After another long day at October Towers, we slipped into our LBD’s, slapped on our lippy and headed out to THE recruitment event of the year: The MARA’s. Champagne popping, dinner…
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October’s MD Interviewed in The Drum – Think Outside the Job Box

Our Managing Director, Lucy Simpson was once again interviewed by The Drum. We were asked for our expert opinion on creative CVs and using social media during the job search. Here’s what she has to say: “If you’re targeting specific companies or more business orientated sectors, the traditional two-page CV…
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Create a killer CV

Following our Digital Ammo: Supercharge your Career event, where we talked about CV, interview and online branding tips, we’ve collected our top CV tips below. Contact details: Of course you’re going to put your name, email and phone number at the top of your CV. But think about how easy…
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From Twitter to a job

This week, October’s guest columnist, Katrina Collier, Founder of Winning Impression and Expert on using Social Media for job searching, gives us 10 insider tips to help you use Twitter for your job search.  If you want to stand out from other job seekers, it’s worth taking to Twitter. The…
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October’s MD in The Drum – How to Get a Job in the Industry

Our Managing Director, Lucy Simpson, was recently asked for her expert opinion in The Drum. She gave up some of her best secrets about how to make your online profiles look good to recruiters and hiring managers throughout the job seeking process. Here’s what she had to say: “Unless you…
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The Weirdest Interview Questions

What’s the worst interview questions you’ve heard? We’ve heard our fair share of bad ones. Have you hard any of these from big corporations mentioned in the past? Google: How many golf balls can fit in a school bus? Microsoft: How much does a 747 weigh? Deloitte: Would Mahatma Gandhi have made a good…
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