It’s all in the name: October

Lucy Simpson, MD & Founder of October answer’s that million dollar question: Why October?

If I invested £1 every time somebody asked me why we are called October, I’d be a millionaire.  It’s an on-going debate with candidates and clients all making various guesses as to why I decided to give my company this name. Is it the month I was born, married, had my children they all ask?

No…to all of the above. The actual answer is that October is the month I first decided to make my life change, leave employment and take the step in setting up my own company. By naming my agency October, I wanted to promote the idea that we can all make a change: every month can be your very own October.

Having worked in the corporate recruitment world for 13 years, I felt the real craft of recruitment was dying; the personal and original approach that good recruiters were known for was fading away behind process and technology – all becoming far too computerised and lazy. I wanted to strip things back to basics, set up a boutique agency and more than anything do ‘digital recruitment differently’ – a phrase in recent years we have become famous for.

So back to the point of why October – I wanted to promote the month I made the change, a positive change for the better, for me and push the idea that we can all make the change at any point in our lives, not just in October.

If you want to make your own life change, take a step forward and move on in your career – give one of our highly experienced consultants a call today for an informal chat on: 0203 397 2818

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