New Year, New Career, New Skills?

It’s now 2014, your resolutions are fading fast, maybe you’re not that fussed about getting back into those jeans, but what you are bothered about is waking up and feeling good about your career. Being happy at work really does contribute to feeling happy in every other aspect of your life; no matter what salary you are on, or what role you have, job satisfaction and morale is key to your happiness.

Do you ever wake up and dread the day ahead, have you tried everything to make your role more interesting and exciting but it’s just not there? Then maybe it’s time for a change… but maybe it’s also time for you to change.

There are so many niche and specialist jobs in all aspects of digital marketing and advertising that you can pretty much make up your own role these days….why not make yourself an ambassador of social media in your company or indeed, outside of work get some extra training in Facebook advertising, Big Data, BitCoin transactions, App building, social media analytics! Make your job work for you and become an expert.

Talk to us about the niche roles we have today and see what other skills you can gain and add onto your CV and really make an impact with your next employer.

What inspires you? What makes you tick? What makes you stand out from the crowd? If it’s nothing then make it happen… those extra few skills could be what lies between you and your dream career!

Get in touch with us now to find out how we can help you…

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